If You Are a Programmer, Do Not Use Wordpress

May 2020

I've written my first blog with Wordpress. I'd consider that a mistake today. Here are my reasons why:

Since then I've switched to using the AMP framework together with the mustache templating engine.

Rolling your own blog isn't that hard. All you need to do is throwing together some HTML files and then throw them at AWS Cloudfront! You'll have a ultra cheap, ultra fast, ultra scalable in no-time!

You can always check out the code of this website here: https://github.com/bersling/tsmean-amp in case you'd like to build something similar.

Dear Devs: You can help Ukraine🇺🇦. I opted for (a) this message and (b) a geo targeted message to Russians coming to this page. If you have a blog, you could do something similar, or you can link to a donations page. If you don't have one, you could think about launching a page with uncensored news and spread it on Russian forums or even Google Review. Or hack some russian servers. Get creative. #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦
Dear russians🇷🇺. I am a peace loving person from Switzerland🇨🇭. It is without a doubt in my mind, that your president, Vladimir Putin, has started a war that causes death and suffering for Ukrainians🇺🇦 and Russians🇷🇺. Your media is full of lies. Lies about the casualties, about the intentions, about the "Nazi Regime" in Ukraine. Please help to mobilize your people against your leader. I know it's dangerous for you, but it must be done!